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    Tati Westbrook's New Beauty Favorites

    Tati Westbrook's New Beauty Favorites

    Posted by TATI WESTBROOK.

    "This one is from Pistaché Skincare. This is the Pistachio Body Butter and it smells just like the Laura Mercier Pistachio. [...] But the ingredients are better, it’s way more nourishing for the skin. It’s $25, you get 6.8 ounces and it is just the most luxurious experience as far as a Body Butter. So good."

    Angeleno Magazine Style & Design

    Angeleno Magazine Style & Design


    "Created by a fourth-generation Pistachio grower, Santa Monica-based Pistaché Skincare's potent products are made from the vitamin and mineral-rich nut. The decadent - and deliciously scented - pistachio body butter will sooth the dryest of skin."

    A Product to Go Nuts Over

    A Product to Go Nuts Over

    Posted by WOMCITY.

    "Pistachios have always been one of my favorite snacks. They’re fun to crack open (except when you get the tough ones) and provide an excellent source of vitamin E and good fat. They also contain lots of lutein, which benefits the eyes"



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