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    A Product to Go Nuts Over

    A Product to Go Nuts Over

    Posted by WOMCITY.

    "Pistachios have always been one of my favorite snacks. They’re fun to crack open (except when you get the tough ones) and provide an excellent source of vitamin E and good fat. They also contain lots of lutein, which benefits the eyes"

    Review: Pistaché Skincare Hydrating Moisturizer

    Review: Pistaché Skincare Hydrating Moisturizer


    "I know there are many people out there (myself included), who are suffering from a multitude of skin ailments including acne, redness, inflammation and irritation. One such cause of common skin ailments is using too many products with actives, or too often."

    Pistaché Skincare: Hydrating Moisturizer

    Pistaché Skincare: Hydrating Moisturizer


    Pistachio, the green nut, has decorated our corner tables and snack trays for centuries but to be included in skin care has never been its forte. Sima Mostafavi, a fourth generation pistachio grower, who for a long time knew the benefits of pistachio oil on hair and skin decided to harness the power of this unique ingredient and founded her brand Pistaché skincare.



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