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    Pistaché Skincare: Hydrating Moisturizer

    Pistaché Skincare: Hydrating Moisturizer


    Pistachio, the green nut, has decorated our corner tables and snack trays for centuries but to be included in skin care has never been its forte. Sima Mostafavi, a fourth generation pistachio grower, who for a long time knew the benefits of pistachio oil on hair and skin decided to harness the power of this unique ingredient and founded her brand Pistaché skincare.

    Tested: Pistaché Skincare

    Tested: Pistaché Skincare

    Posted by CLEAN CURATOR.

    "Pistachio is my favorite snack of the nut variety so when I heard that Sima of Pistaché Skincare had created a cream moisturizer from Pistachio Oil, I just had to try it out to see if my love for pistachios would carry though from the inside to the outside! I thought that this ingredient was so innovative that I was excited at the prospect of how it would perform for my skin."

    Launch Party

    Launch Party


    The Pistaché Skincare launch party was a huge success: we exceeded our sales goals, and we had amazing attendance. We would like to thank those who came to support, including pistachio industry members, beauty bloggers and the UCLA Anderson network.

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